What is Sedation Dentistry?

Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you nervous? Dental anxiety is one of the leading reasons people neglect their oral health and dental treatments, with an estimated 30-40 million Americans avoiding the dentist each year due to a fear of the drill. At Dental Serenity, we understand some patients experience dental anxiety and are proud to offer Sedation Dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution for patients that experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Your dentist will administer medication to help you remain calm and relaxed during your dental treatment. If you suffer from a fear of the dentist, contact Dental Serenity today and ask about our sedation dentistry services and how they can help you!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

The most common form of sedation dentistry, Nitrous Oxide is used for patients that experience mild to moderate anxiety. It is administered by placing a mask over the patient’s nose; the mask releases a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Once the gas begins to work, the patient becomes calm and relaxed while still being able to communicate and follow orders. Once your treatment is finished you will begin to feel it wear off almost immediately.

Oral Sedation

Another common sedation dentistry treatment option is oral sedation. The patient is typically given an anti-anxiety medication which promotes calmness and relaxation; they may also experience sleepiness. Patients that receive oral sedation will need assistant to get home after their appointment and may need to stay for short observation after the treatment has been completed.

Stop neglecting your oral health due to dental anxiety, with sedation dentistry by Dental Serenity! You can receive treatment while remaining calm and relaxed. Contact our Dumfries dental office today and schedule your appointment!