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Dental Cleaning in Dumfries, VA

At Dental Serenity™, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental procedures that will correct a range of cosmetic issues, including a gummy smile, recessed gums, discolored or stained teeth, crooked teeth, missing teeth, gaps in teeth, teeth that are disproportionately stained, overcrowding, and more.

Dental Cleaning

Regular Dental Cleanings for a Healthy Smile

Gum disease can develop for a variety of reasons, including improper oral hygiene, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits, such as diet or tobacco use, age, systemic diseases, certain medications, and aging. To prevent gum disease and other oral health issues from developing, it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits and schedule regular dental cleanings every six months or with greater frequency if you have developed or are at an increased risk of developing gum disease.

At Dental Serenity™, we offer a comprehensive range of dental procedures, from common treatments like fillings or root canal therapy, cosmetic treatments like veneers or teeth whitening, restorative procedures like dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth, and diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease. To ensure you are comfortable and have as enjoyable an experience as possible, we also offer sedation dentistry so you can remain calm and receive the care you need.

If you are interested in learning more about the quality services we offer, or to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning, contact our office at 703-445-9600, stop by our clinic located at 17181 Wayside Dr., Dumfries, Virginia, or schedule an appointment online.

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At Dental Serenity™, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental procedures that will correct a range of cosmetic issues, including a gummy smile, recessed gums, discolored or stained teeth, crooked teeth, missing teeth, gaps in teeth, teeth that are disproportionately stained, overcrowding, and more.

Regular Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings should be performed at least every six months. Doing so ensures that the surfaces and areas above your gum line and between your teeth are professionally cleaned. Regular cleanings also include an overall examination of your oral health to look for any indications of cavities, inflamed gums, periodontal disease, or other warning signs of oral health issues.

If a problem area is identified, digital x-rays may be taken to gather additional information to determine what the underlying problem is and develop an appropriate treatment plan. If no problem areas are identified during the initial examination, the regular cleaning will begin with the removal of plaque and tartar between your teeth and around your gum line. Once these are removed, a gritty toothpaste is applied to a power toothbrush to clean and polish your teeth, leaving them shiny and smooth. Next, your teeth are professionally flossed, after which fluoride treatment may be offered. This is not always necessary, but having fluoride treatment will help protect your teeth against cavities until your next appointment and is strongly recommended for patients who are at an increased risk of periodontal disease.

Unlike a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning (or scaling and root planing procedure) involves the removal of plaque and tartar that has accumulated below your gum line. Prior to performing this procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area. Next, the tartar and plaque are removed using special instruments, after which the root of your tooth is smoothed to inhibit future bacterial accumulation. A scaling and root planing is conducted in one or all four quadrants of your mouth. If only one or two quadrants require treatment, this can typically be accomplished in one visit. Patients who require three or all four quadrants to be treated may require two separate appointments.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

In addition to providing your dentist or periodontist with an opportunity to evaluate your oral health and provide necessary treatment before problems become worse, scheduling regular dental cleanings also reduces your risk of the following:

  • Gum disease: If left untreated, gum disease can result in gums that bleed easily and/or are inflamed, halitosis, and in advanced cases, deterioration of jawbone and loss of teeth.
  • Cavities: When plaque is not removed, it begins to eat away your enamel, creating a hole that will continue to grow bigger, which increases your risk of requiring a tooth extraction.
  • Diabetes: Gum disease has historically been considered to be a consequence of diabetes, but new research indicates that untreated gum disease may be a causative factor in patients developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Heart Attack or Stroke: Individuals who have gum disease are twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to individuals who do not. Research also indicates that individuals with gum disease are also at higher risk of having a stroke.
  • Halitosis: One of the most common and noticeable symptoms of gum disease is chronic halitosis that persists even after brushing your teeth.

What is the Cost of Dental Cleaning?

The cost of a dental cleaning will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your case, whether dental sedation is used, any additional procedures performed along with periodontal therapy, and whether you are covered by dental insurance. If you do have dental insurance, your final bill will be determined by your dental insurance coverage, co-pay requirements, and annual deductibles.

Our clinic is in network with most PPOs and accepts all insurance plans. We also offer interest free financing through Lending Club, and CareCredit, or you may consider joining our Dental Serenity Membership Club to save money on treatment and simplify your payments for preventative care. To learn more about Dental Serenity Membership Club, click on the following link:

For your convenience, we accept all forms of credit and debit cards, including Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

At Dental Serenity™, we understand that visiting the dentist can cause concern and anxiety, which is why we do everything we can to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one. To help provide you with as enjoyable an experience as possible, our office is fitted with free high-speed wireless internet, flat screen TVs in all of our treatment rooms, soothing music to put you in a relaxed state, aromatherapy, and neck massagers in our waiting room. We are also committed to providing you with services when you need them most, which is why we offer early morning and late evening appointments throughout the week.

To schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the best dental care possible delivered in a comfortable and calm environment by professionals who are committed to ensuring that you receive the personalized care you deserve and continue to enjoy good oral health!

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