Emergency Dentist for Child

Children who are active in sports or run and play with friends are more likely to fall and hurt themselves. While you may not be able to prevent all accidents and injuries, you can be prepared for when they happen. With the right steps and tools, your child will be back on the playground or field in no time.

First Steps in a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is not much different from any accidental injury, but here are the best actions to take when your child injures their mouth or teeth:

  • Investigate for bleeding.
  • Apply pressure to any areas that are bleeding with clean tissues or gauze.
  • Once the bleeding is controlled, use salt water or an oral antiseptic rinse to clean the wound.
  • Determine how severe the injury is.
  • Call the dentist or pediatrician for a complete assessment, if an emergency room visit is not necessary.

If the injury has caused any swelling or inflammation, an ice pack or cold compress will help prevent the swelling from worsening. If your child is anxious or nervous about the injury, remind them that the dentist went to years of school and has had extensive training to help problems just like this. The dentist will be able to repair their teeth and even help their pain stop. In the event that your child loses a baby tooth, the dentist will not reattach or replace that tooth.

If the tooth is a permanent tooth, take care to pick up the tooth but try not to touch the tooth’s root. To help the chances that the dentist can reattach the tooth and to maintain the moisture around the tooth, you can gently insert the tooth back into place. Biting down on the tooth with clean gauze or even a wet teabag can help keep the tooth in place with you’re on your way to the dentist. If you are not able to put the tooth back into place or your child is not able to keep the tooth in their mouth, then you can place the tooth in a clean container with milk or saliva to keep it moist. The dentist can determine if the tooth is repairable or too damaged to use, so no matter what you think, be sure to bring the tooth along with you to the appointment.

Dental First Aid Kit

In order to be prepared for any accidents or injuries, a dental first aid kit for kids can help you stay focused without panicking. A dental first aid kit has some of the same items as a medical first aid kit, but there are a few special dental specific items to include:

  • Cold pack
  • Gauze
  • Antiseptic oral rinse
  • Small cup for oral rinse
  • A container to store tooth

If you keep the dental first aid kit next to the medical first aid kit, you can head to one spot to help any injury that happens.

Emergency Visit for Kids

It is recommended to call the dentist as soon as possible if your child has injured their face. If you act quickly, the dentist may be able to save the tooth instead of having to look into tooth replacement options. Even if the child’s teeth do not look like they have been damaged, only a dental x-ray and exam by a dentist can determine if there are any problems that are hiding below the gumline.

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