How Long Does an Implant Supported Bridge Last

Patients often want to know how long an implant supported bridge is expected to last. Implant supported bridges are somewhat invasive as they involve a surgery and the procedure is quite expensive. These types of bridges can last for many years or a lifetime in some cases. Below are some of the key factors that impact how long implant supported bridges last.


Compared to traditional bridges, implant bridges are incredibly secure and durable. Traditional bridges are supported with a crown and a dental implant is used to support implant bridges. A dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, giving the bridge a stable foundation which cannot be removed. In order to prevent harmful bacterial from damaging the bridge, it is critical for patients to have a good oral hygiene regimen.


Bridges should be brushed at least twice daily. Patients should use a gentle, circular brushing motion around the implant site to ensure they do not cause any damage. Because just a small accumulation of bacteria can cause decay and irritation, it is important to be diligent in ensuring the teeth are regularly cleaned. Built up bacteria can cause issues and even compromise the dental implant.

Oral Care

It is also important for patients to make routine visits to the dentist. During these appointments, the dentist will complete an examination and the teeth will be professionally cleaned. These visits also help identify any issues and ensure they are promptly treated. Dental professionals can quickly recognize early signs of problems, which the patient may not be aware of. Regular visits also help ensure the patient has healthy gums and teeth. This preserves the implants and bridge, and maximizes the life expectancy of the device.

The patient must also maintain a healthy jawbone to maintain an implant supported bridge. When the jawbone is weak, it can compromise the bridge and even result in implant failure. Weak jawbones are not able to properly support a dental implant.

In order to maintain good health, patients should consume a nutritious and well-balanced diet, focusing on fresh foods. Vitamin D is critically for maintaining strong, healthy bones. Patients should avoid consuming sugary and highly acidic foods. Sugary food and drinks are can feed bacteria and cause decay or disease.

Stimulating the Jawbone

When the jawbone fails to be stimulated, it can start to shrink and resorb. The jawbone relies on stimulation from chewing. To avoid damaging the crown, patients should avoid using their teeth as tools. Patients who have an implant supported bridge do not need to modify their diet or restrict certain foods.

An implant supported bridge can last for many years when patients practice good oral hygiene and properly care for the bridge. Bridges can last up to 10-20 years or more. Some patients even find that their implant supported bridge can last an entire lifetime.

If you want to discuss the possibility of an implant supported bridge, follow up with your dentist. They can help determine if you are a good candidate and answer any questions related to the procedure.

How Many Teeth Does an Implant Supported Bridge Have

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