How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost

The average adult mouth has room for about twenty eight teeth and that just so happens to the number of teeth in your mouth before you get your third set of molars. At this point, we do not need these molars to be able properly chew and masticate so some people argue that wisdom teeth do not actually serve a purpose. Most people start to see their third set of molars come in any time between ages 18 and 25 and as many as 85% of people have their wisdom teeth removed.

The Five Main Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

1. The tooth is growing in at the wrong angle
2. The tooth is impacted or located below the bone
3. There is no room on the jaw for the additional tooth
4. The addition of a third molar is causing crowding
5. Due to the location of the molar and the difficulty cleaning it, plaque or gum disease is present

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Broken Down

Usually wisdom tooth extraction is priced out per tooth and it can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,100 depending on the state of the tooth and its position in the jaw. These factors will affect how complicated the procedure will be to remove it and if there are other necessary procedures. The dentist may want to perform a full exam, take a set of x-rays, and use anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. The type of wisdom teeth impactions or the different ways the tooth is stuck in your mouth determines the complexity of the procedure.


In the case of an erupted tooth, it is not considered impacted at all. The gum has broken through the gums and can be seen. This kind of wisdom tooth extraction is similar to a regular tooth extraction. To remove an erupted wisdom tooth should take about 20 minutes and will not require much anesthesia. Erupted wisdom teeth do not need the attention of oral surgeons and can addressed by your dentist. The average cost is $300 with the cost range between $200 and $700.

Soft-tissue impacted

Wisdom teeth that are soft-tissue impacted are stuck under the gums leaving you with some swelling and in pain. This oral surgery only requires a small incision in the gums to remove the tooth and is a very simple process. The average cost is $350 with the cost range between $250 and $850.

Partially-bony impacted

Wisdom teeth that are partially bony impacted are partially stuck under the bone. The oral surgeon may suggest sedation instead of anesthesia. The procedure will take longer so the more time that the surgery takes the more anesthesia you will need. With anesthesia charged in 15-minute increments, the cost for your procedure can increase quickly. The average cost is $450 with the cost range between $300 and $950.

Fully-bony impacted

Wisdom teeth that are completely stuck in the jaw are considered fully-bony impacted. This is the most complicated of the impactions and is best tolerated by being sedated for the entire process. The average cost is $550 with the cost range between $350 and $1,100.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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