How often should you go to the dentist?

Stop for a moment and think about all the industries out there that you interact with and their suggestions to maintain the health of or the proper operating condition of that particular item. From oil changes to resets on your laptop, there are baselines established which are in your best interests. The dentist dumfries va industry is no different. Based on a simply 80-20, there are strong suggestions made that apply to 80% of the population. For the remaining 20% there are exceptions due to the individual circumstances regarding that patient’s oral health.

What are the Standards set for Dental Visits?

The health industry established half a century ago that if you see your dentist twice a year for regular examinations you can go a long way to creating a proactive oral hygiene program. Every human being has bacteria in their mouth. It is necessary to breakdown the food ingested to pull out the nutrients that feed our bodies. The number of bacteria is the issue. If you do not keep the bacteria count under control it results in a buildup of plaque on your teeth. This plaque attacks the tooth resulting in cavities. When allowed to sit on the tooth for a prolonged period of time it will reach the gumline and immediately infect the soft tissue resulting in gum disease. No one is exempt from bacteria and plaque.

A dental examination every six months establishes your baseline. X-rays capture the health of the teeth below the surface. The teeth, gums, tongue and all soft tissue are examined for an oral cancer screening. The teeth are all probed with a hand-held tool searching for soft enamel forming a cavity. The best part is the conclusion. A professional cleaning of the teeth scrapes all the plaque from the surfaces of each tooth giving you a clean baseline again. Each and every visit the dental office is building a history of your oral health as well.

Good Oral Hygiene Begins at Home

Your dentist is a member of your health team. You need to set him/her up for success. To do so you need to follow the suggestions for taking care of your teeth at home. It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. They also would like to you floss once a day. These simple little exercises will get rid of unwanted bacteria and plaque every day setting you up for a successful dental visit. A total win-win; any anxiety that you once had about dental appointments will subside.

What does Your Smile mean to You?

Your dentist knows the value of your smile often more so than you the patient. A healthy smile has been proven to be the foundation for a personality. It establishes an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence. These traits go a long way in personal relationships, social circles and professional encounters. Good, preventative oral hygiene keeps your smile healthy. If you let those simple little habits slip on you will be to blame.

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