Natural Looking Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most popular option for people who want to replace missing teeth, especially when those teeth are in an area of the mouth that is visible while smiling, speaking, or otherwise trying to live one’s life. It’s possible to replace visible teeth, even the two front teeth, with dental restorations that feel, function, and look just like healthy, luminous natural teeth. Implant restorations can be made to match the existing natural teeth in hue and shape, creating a completely natural-looking smile.

Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone, beneath the gum tissue, and are completely invisible. An abutment that is affixed to the top of the dental implant serves as a socket for a dental crown, a replacement tooth that is held securely to the implant just below the gumline. This helps the dental crown look even more like a natural tooth, securely supported by an even, healthy gum line. As dental technologies continue to advance, more and more materials become available for crafting dental crowns and implants, helping them become even more versatile and beneficial for a wider range of patient needs.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits dental implants offer, they also provide medical benefits. When there is no tooth root present in the jaw, the bone in that area begins to reabsorb into the body; bone, like any tissue, requires stimulation to remain vital. This is the reason that many people who are missing natural teeth have a sunken appearance in their lower face and jaw. Dental implants stimulate and maintain the growth of healthy bone, thus improving the shape and appearance of the face and encouraging the continued health of the jaw and oral cavity. Dental implants can be cleaned just like natural teeth, and proper oral hygiene is a very important part of ensuring the long-term success of dental implants. People with dental implants also require regular dental checkups and professional cleanings; with regular brushing and flossing and periodic dental visits, dental implants can provide a lifetime of confident, natural smiles.

Dental implants are custom-designed to look and feel like natural teeth, and they can withstand the forces of chewing and eating and help wearers maintain a healthy, enjoyable diet. When compared with removable dental restorations like bridges and dentures, these benefits are particularly apparent. Restoration dentistry, particularly implant dentistry, combines art and engineering to create lifelike dental implant restorations. Choosing an experienced, expert restoration dentist is important, so don’t be afraid to ask to see photographic evidence of a dentist’s previous restorations. Some restoration dentists use digital imaging technology to assist with precision placement of dental implants, and some dental practices have in-house laboratories that dictate every step of the implant treatment process, ensuring consistency and quality. Dental implants cost more than shorter-term dental restorations like removable dentures and bridges, but they are designed to remain securely in the mouth for many years. Dental implants can be considered an attractive and smart investment in the health, appearance, and quality of life for people who are missing natural teeth.

Dental Implant Over 60

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