Same Day Dentures

In the past, if you had decaying teeth, the standard treatment approach would include removing the decaying teeth and getting a full set of dentures in dumfries va. This treatment approach would take several months, allowing time for the gums to heal and for the dentures to be custom-made. Today, your dentist can remove your teeth and have a temporary set of dentures made in the same day. No more waiting for months for teeth. Advances in dental technology have made even the most complicated treatment approaches convenient. If you have been putting off having your decaying teeth extracted because you are concerned about this waiting period without teeth, same day dentures may be the solution for you. Here is more information about same day dentures to help you decide if they are the right option for you.

Fitting Same Day Dentures

Once teeth are extracted, there is a healing process required for the gums to return to normal. During the healing process, the gums and soft tissue in the mouth change in shape. Dentist recommend same day dentures as a temporary solution to be used from the day of extraction until the healing process is over. Same day dentures are designed to fit your gums immediately after extraction when they are gums and tissue are swollen. However, during the healing process as the mouth changes, the same day dentures may need to be refit or re-aligned so they continue to fit properly. After the healing process, a permanent set of dentures will be custom-made for a secure fit.

Benefits of Same Day Dentures

While same day dentures are not a long-term solution, they have many benefits, including:

  • Immediate availability: Same day dentures are available immediately after teeth are extracted with no waiting period.
  • Trial period: This immediate solution allows the patient to get used to the feel of dentures, a process that takes time for some, kind of like a trial period. Dentures feel different in the process of chewing, speaking, and everyday wear so it can be helpful to have time to get used to them.
  • Less commitment: Same day dentures are a temporary solution, allowing a patient who is still considering dentures as a long-term solution to consider the feel of dentures without the commitment of custom-made permanent dentures.
  • Aid in the healing process: Same day dentures act as a protective guard to the healing gums and tissues, minimizing injury and bleeding while the tissues heal.

The Cost of Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures are an additional set of dentures to be worn during the healing process. Therefore, they are an added cost to the total tooth replacement cost. Determining whether they are worth the additional cost depends on how you value going through the extraction healing period with or without teeth. If you have a tooth extraction planned in your future, you should have a discussion with your dentist. This discussion will help you decide if same day dentures are the right option for you and worth the extra cost.

Types of Dentures

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