Choosing an Orthodontist

If you want to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile, then it is very likely that you are careful in choosing your dentist. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, then care must be even greater. For those who don't know, this is the professional who specializes in correcting the positioning of teeth and jaw bones. This is a way to improve smile aesthetics and facilitate cleaning, as crooked teeth can make the task difficult. Even so, we don't always know what to consider when choosing, but that's exactly what we created this post with! See what to take into account before closing your treatment. This is the best way to prevent and avoid any kind of problem.

Analyze experience time

The time a professional dedicates to doing something is a great indicator. For starters, if he has customers to date, then chances are he does a good job. In addition, this time allowed him to acquire even more experience and perfect his acting. Therefore, before entering any office, see how long this professional has been in the market and understand that this can be a great way to choose your orthodontist.

Check the specializations

To begin with, the trained dentist must do a specialization to work as an orthodontist. This means it has more study hours and can handle more complex cases — as well as deliver better results. In addition, nowadays it is essential that the professional continues to update himself. With the development of technology, many faster and more efficient alternatives have emerged, so it's good to keep an eye out. Therefore, when it comes to how to choose an orthodontist, be sure to check whether he has updated himself during this time as well. This way you guarantee a better-quality service!

See market recognition

Market recognition is still one of the main indicators (and, for obvious reasons, you shouldn't disregard it). Think that this is the result of other patients he attended and the way he behaved in all these years. See what the market, other dentists and other people say about this professional. That way you know the level of service he provides.

Consider evaluating other patients

Do you want a better way to know how to choose an orthodontist than by other people who have already been attended by him? This is a way of understanding how he treats patients, how much he charges and what kind of results he delivers. If it was not an indication, then try to talk to someone who has already been assisted by this professional. That's a great way to know if you're making a right decision and follow safer.

Evaluate the technology used in the office

A professional engaged with the best results is always on the lookout for the best technology available. This means investment to offer the best alternative for patients. Therefore, in order not to fall into an outdated procedure, be sure to analyze whether the devices are quality and modern. A good parameter is the orthodontic appliances made using 3D technology. After discovering how to choose the ideal orthodontist, it is very important to consider these points in order not to fall into a trap. Finding a trained professional is essential to ensure good treatment and, consequently, results.

Some questions to ask yourself when choosing an orthodontist

Is the orthodontist accessible?

Talk a lot with the orthodontist before starting the treatment. Make sure they are always available to answer your questions because they will certainly arise. If the professional answers your questions clearly in the first consultation, it's already a good start.

What if there is an emergency with the device?

Make sure the professional is reachable by cell phone in case of emergencies. Eventually, you may experience setbacks such as loose brackets or ill-fitting bands that can bother and even hurt you. At these times, it is essential to find your orthodontist easily.

Will the location of the office work for you?

Oftentimes, you may need weekly or more appointments during certain phases of your treatment. Make sure the orthodontist’s office is convenient for you and has hours that work with your schedule.

Will your orthodontist take care of you until the end?

Ask clearly and directly if the professional has any plans to change clinics, as this could happen during your treatment. As everyone's opinion can be different, you may end up needing to continue the treatment with a professional who does not agree with the previous plan, which can be quite complicated.

Will you always be assisted by the same professional?

Find out if your service will always be carried out by the same professional or if you will be attended by a team. Team care is not necessarily a problem, that is, clinics where the patient is attended by several professionals can produce orthodontic treatments with excellent results.

Benefits of Orthodontics

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