What to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you have worked with the dentist or the oral surgeon to have your third set of molar removed, the procedure will vary based on where the teeth are at the time of surgery. If your teeth are still below the gums, the surgeon will make small incisions to remove the teeth. If your teeth are below the bone, the surgeon will need to remove bone to access the entire tooth. The surgeon will clean the incision site, add stitches, and then place gauze on top to absorb any extra bleeding.

What you choose to eat after your surgery will help your healing process and keep you comfortable. Soft foods and liquid meals will prevent irritation at the extraction sites. Avoiding other foods and drinks will also help you avoid infection. The doctor will give you instructions on the best choices to make following your procedure.

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

You are going to want to start with liquids like smoothies and soft foods like yogurt. You will not need to chew these options to help prevent the pain and discomfort that will come with trying to open your mouth too much when its swollen and healing. Do not eat hard foods immediately following your wisdom tooth extraction; bits of the food may get lodged in the wounds or may irritate the wounds. Some of the best choices include:

* Apple sauce
* Broths
* Puree soups
* Mashed potatoes and veggies
* Jell-O, pudding, and ice cream
* Hummus
* Smooth nut butters

Cold foods and drink will help prevent discomfort and whole food based soups and smoothies will keep your body strong. Try to balance nutritious options with the higher sugar options.
As you heal, you can start to include more semisoft foods like scrambled eggs, oatmeal and even toast. Once you have been comfortable with that transition, you can add in chicken, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

What not to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Its important to adhere to the suggested foods when you are first recovering from surgery. There are foods and drinks to avoid for even a week or more until the extraction site has had more time to heal. The items you should pause for the time are:

* Citrus and citrus juice
* Other acidic foods and drinks
* Spicy food
* Alcoholic beverages of all kinds
* Grains and seeds
* Nuts and chips
* Jerky and other hard to chew foods

Recovery timeline

The first twenty four to forty eight hours after your wisdom tooth extraction, you should only eat the soft and liquid foods suggested. You may want to include more cold foods to ease some of the discomfort. Make sure you do not use a straw so your wounds stay closed. As you start to have less pain and the swelling starts to decrease, you can start to add in some semisoft foods and eventually try solid foods. Take your time adding new foods in because everyone heals at a different rate. Most people find they are able to eat normally after a week.

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