Will Emergency Dentist Extract Tooth?

According to the American Dental Association, the top reason adults damage their teeth is playing sports whether it is an organized recreational game or a backyard basketball game. It’s easy to prevent some damage or knocking out a tooth by wearing a mouth guard, not all dental emergencies are preventable. After sports, car accidents cause tooth injury at a high rate, especially when the teeth collide with the steering wheel. Whether any damage is visible after a car accident, dentists recommend follow up appointments to assess if there is any damage below the gumline.

Outside of trauma, dental emergencies can come in the form of severe and sudden toothaches. The dentist will need to perform an exam to determine the root cause of the pain whether it is a cavity that has grown into an infected tooth or it is exposure of tooth roots from gum disease. Both of these problems can leave you with serious pain and require immediate treatment to prevent more damage. The dentist is trained to fix the issue and restore you to a more comfortable state. When an infection in your tooth is not treated quickly and properly, it can turn into a dental abscess. Not only is this very painful but it is a major infection that can travel to your jawbone. Abscesses may require oral surgery to remove the infection and damaged tissue completely.

If a tooth falls out

If one of your teeth gets knocked out when you are playing catch with your family members, try to find it. Pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the root. You can rinse the tooth under warm water and place it in a container with milk. The dentist will try to save the tooth and replace it in the socket, but if that is not possible then the dentist can talk to you about the replacement options.

If a tooth is broken

If one of your teeth gets chipped or breaks from an accident, the dentist can save your tooth if the tooth structure remains in place without damage to the root. Dentists can use veneers, crowns, and bonding to restore your teeth with full functionality and a natural look. The dentist will always try to save your tooth and use extraction as a last option.

If a tooth is infected

The dentist will need to examine your mouth and determine where the infection is. Based on that information, the dentist can make recommendations on the best way to treat the infection while keeping you comfortable. If the infection is addressed early and quickly, the dentist will be able to eradicate the infection and restore your mouth to full health without removing any teeth.

How can an emergency dentist help?

The dentist will work hard to prevent any tooth loss, any additional pain and discomfort. Even though you can’t plan for dental emergencies, the dentist will work hard to make it easy for you to get the treatment you need keeping your specific situation in mind.

Emergency Dentist For Children

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